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Abdominal Plank Record Obliterated!

An endurance athlete and former Marine, sets a new world record for the longest held abdominal

3 Hilarious Vines Made From Stock Footage

We don’t know what’s going on with this Vine account, but we love it. Check our

Guys on the Street Do Awesome Drunk in Love Cover

Talent. They’ve got it. Probably a record deal on the way too. Who cares, it’s great.

Reporter Reacts to Gunfire

Watch this amazing video. A new reporter stands near a what…a gun range, a war zone?

This Song Is Like Cotton Candy & Razor Blades Together

Mash ups are so interesting. Sometimes something gets made that is so unique and so oddly

First Ever Snapchat Survival Story

Meet Shonduras, the man who makes you understand just what is possible on Snapchat. Witness, as

Snapchat Artist of the Year

Alright…like all things internet, it was bound to happen, I’m getting into Snapchat. Saw this guy

Man Defies Gravity

This street cook seems to defy gravity with this culinary chops. I don’t know what he’s

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Gets Songified

Okay, it’s coming…Tina Fey’s new comedy on Netflix. Looks like it’s called “Unbreakable: Kimmy Schmidt”. The

The Stupidest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

Is this the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen? We don’t know. A guy claims to have