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God Caught On Camera?

These skiers caught a little known phenomenon called a Sun Dog on their GoPro. It’s hypnotic

Jurassic Park 8 Bit Video Game

This game is AMAZING! I would never leave my room! God, please make Nintendo cool again!

Jawbreaker VS Blender

Two enter the ring, only one will win. Who will it be?!

Who Needs A Drummer?

Not this guy! Check out this cool invention that will put every percussionist out of business.

Why Throw Out Your Flip Phones When They Can Make Music?

Flip phones. They are often destined for the junkyard. But, why send them to the electronics

How To Lose $30,000 In 12 Seconds

Watch this guy “burn through” $30,000 in under a minute.

You’re Going To Kill Us!

Ever wondered what it was like inside a rally race car? Sammy and his navigator give

The Best Cosplay Ever Seen

This dude took the most simple costume ever created and made the best cosplay character ever

You’ll Never Guess What It Does…

What do you do when you can’t afford a real piano? Head over to the local

250 MPH Train Caught On Tape

This little girl didn’t even see it coming. No one did. But if you keep your