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Naughty Nuns

These nuns are probably going to get a lashing when the Pope finds out what they’re

What Happens When You Get A Construction Job With Your Frenemy

Jobs can be sucky. But, a job when your work mate at a construction job is

Cruel Prank On Children

Pranks are fun. But pranks on children is just plain cruel. Watch what this guy does

Disneyland Road Rage

Disneyland road rage caught on tape!

Thug Throwing Things Into Things

Is this guy a thug? Probably not. But, that’s what he calls himself, so we’re going

90 Year Old Woman Does Double Backflip!

This video is absolutely one of a kind. Let’s face it, you’re not capable of doing

Mouse Trap Jenga

What the hell is going on?! What ever happened to good ‘ol fashion board games? Kids

Terrifying Army Prank

This man is about to ship out with his unit for a long tour of duty.

Dog Drags Kid in Front of Car!

Come on, this can’t be real. Or at least we hope it’s not. Take a look.

A New Level Of Horror

Zombies are all the rage right now. But there is lots of debate about the odds