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President Obama Plays Connect Four

President Obama plays Connect Four and the resulting image is epic. funny images That’s Stephen Curry

World’s Greatest Doctor

This pediatrician should get a medal. Seriously, check out how he gives his little patients their

Cuteness Overload!

80 seconds of Rottweiler puppies will make you day!

Ode to Joy Played on a Punching Bag?

Ode to Joy played on a punching bag? Oh, yes. It might not be the most

Fresh Prince Theme Song Gets The Blues Treatment & You Won’t Believe It

Why won’t you believe it? Because this Fresh Prince theme song cover…it’s better. Watch these two

Adorable Triplets Get Disciplined By Dad

Okay, “Take a time out,” has never been cuter. Watch this Korean dad as he gives

Granny’s Got A Bucket List

This sweet little old lady has an amazing bucket list. You’ll never guess what she wants

When Cows Attack!

When cows attack, nobody wins. This man approaches a baby cow in the field. What happens

When Old Met Young

This is touching and sweet and everything that makes us feel good – when old meets

We’re In Love With This Bear

This bear really knows how to play to a crowd. Check out the nimble paws on