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We Should All Live Like Gary the Goat

Good lord, why is this so funny? I’m not even sure, but I know when the

Harry Potter in 60 Seconds

I never read the books, but I did watch the movies. Now, if you don’t care

Hilarious Slo Mo Dog In The Snow

What’s better than a dog in the snow? A dramatic slo mo rendition of that dog

149 Moments That Broke The Internet

In just 5 minutes, the history of the internet and all that spawned forth is captured

Coke + Mentos + Bathtub = Awesome!

It seems the classic videos never die, they’re just re-imagined over and over. Take this video

Portland’s Unicycling Bagpiping Darth Vader

Okay, so this guy has apparently become an official Portland mascot of sorts. He babpipes on

Macs and PCs Both Suck

That’s the lesson you’ll learn from this video. Plus, it’s a parody of those classic Mac

Who Knew Fridays Bartenders Were So Cool?

Here’s a video filled with 1990s looking Fridays bartenders tearing up the cocktail making and serving

This Image Was Created With A Typewriter

As this video starts, you will see an old man with severe cerebral palsy banging away

Marathon Runner Crawls to the Finish Line

Marathons are hard.  They’re even harder when you have to finish them crawling on all fours.