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If Only You Could Really Make Spaghetti Like This!

Pes is a talented filmmaker that I happen to know. He was nominated for an Academy

The Greatest Pitch Ever Delivered

I’m not talking baseball. I’m talking sales pitch. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing this

4 Minutes of Pure Jennifer Lawrence Love

Probably one of the most down to earth, funny, actresses out there today is Jennifer Lawrence.

The Song You Need Before You Make An Epic Exit

I don’t know. I think we all need a song like this from time to time.

Dance of a Thousand Hands Video

You know that old trick where you put your own hands behind your back and then

Dazzling Must-Watch Ping Pong Masters

I’ve seen these guys before and still I can’t get enough. It’s a mix of theater,

The Best Puddle Jump Prank

An oldie but a goodie. I can’t believe this guy actually thought he was making out

Farting On The Moon

When Apollo 16 went to the moon, Commander John Young suffered from a bad case of

OMG 4 Hours Of The 80s!!!

OMG guys, we found 4 hours of 80s commercials! We got through 2 hours before our

World’s Biggest Water Slide Jump

How in the world do people think of these things? …And do they think of them