15 Amazing Space Gifs That Will Make You Want to Blast Off

Would you go to Mars? I don’t think I would, but I love trippy movies like Interstellar and Alien. In fact, these 15 gifs make me want to binge watch Battlestar Galactica all over again.

1) This gif proves cats aren’t just all over the internet, they’re also all over space.

2) Space hair. For those who like their “space” closer to home.

3) Old school space that takes you all the way back to Earth Science 101.

4) Starbucks in space or rather space in Starbucks for when you need that otherworldly pick-me-up.

5) The “Just Deal With It” space message…

6) Galaxy, trippy, whirlpool, vortex. (Just go with it.)

7) When faced with the enormity of the universe and yet your expression remains the same.

8) How hikers experience space.

9) Jar of space.

10) Daft Punk in space.

11) Maybe…space is made of pizza.

12) Space captured in a container.

13) Space as imagined by Steve Jobs.

14) Acid trip and trip to space combined.

15) Taking a ride on the space highway.



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