11 Amazing Photos of Feet That Will Make You Love Yours

Feet are a very maligned body part.  People hide their feet.  They squish them into shoes that are too small.  They don’t want to talk about ’em.  Yet, your feet are so valuable.  They help you get around.  Here are 11 amazing photos of those misunderstood human appendages that will make you love them again.

1.  Lazy, Sunday feet…

feet in bed

via flickr

2.  Lovely, trickster fish-netted feet.

feet shadows

via flickr

3.  Joyous, just-took-the-big-plunge feet…

dive foot water

via flickr

4.  The feet that were…


via flickr

5.  Red slipper feet!

red slippers

via flickr

6.  Perfect, underwater feet.

pies del mar

via flickr

7.  Fresh and clean feet.

bathroom feet

via flickr

8.  The feet of someone you love.

love feet

via flickr

9.  Human and non-human feet.

horse hooves human feet

via flickr

10.  Chubby, adorable baby feet.

baby feet

via flickr

11.  Happy couple feet.

happy couple

via flickr

featured image


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